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   Our customers are at the heart of our success!

   Over the years, Arvite has received several awards in the areas of business growth, production excellence and superior delivery.

   Below are some of our most prestigious awards. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing us as your

   preferred supplier and helping us achieve these accomplishments! 

 2010 Employer of the Year Finalist

The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) awarded Arvite Technologies,, LLC as a finalist for the Employer of the Year award in January of 2011. This honor was presented to us in recognition for our investment in the community during 2010 through product development, job creation and educational training. Additionally, we were recognized for our sincere and deep commitment to the Erie region and its employees.

2006 New Start-Up Business of the Year Award

   In 2006 Arvite was the proud recipient of the 2006 New Start-

   Up Business of the Year Award from the Small Business

   Development Center at Gannon University in PA. This award

   recognized Arvite's entrepreneurial spirit and was designed to

   acknowledge the unique difficulties that new businesses

   overcome to become successful!

CEM Awards

As of 2013, Arvite has received numerous awards in several areas of performance from one of our largest customers CEM, a world leading provider of innovative microwave systems and solutions for critical laboratory applications.