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   We produce quality sheet metal parts.

   Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, precision handling of thin and thick steel (.500" maximum), stainless steel (.250" 

   maximum) and aluminum (.180" maximum). We produce quality sheet metal parts for the medical, lighting, computer,

   communications, food service and transportation industries. Please feel free to visit our Part Gallery for samples of our products.

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Grinding & Polishing

Our grinding and polishing department is responsible for the finish our customer desires on their finished product. Whether your parts are raw, grained, plated or painted this step creates the professional appearance expected for a finished sheet metal part or assembly. This is why we have the two machines shown below dedicated to this process.

Systech Torit Model DB-2000 Downdraft Table

  • Table Dimension 36" x 48"
  • Downdraft table for Welding and Grinding

Kuhlmeyer Type ZBS Grinding / Graining Machine

  • Suitable to process welded stainless steel components economically
  • Flexible grinding belts create a "grained" appearance and superb finish