Arvite Technologies, LLC is proud to be a member of the National Tooling and Machining Association. 814.838.9444

   We produce quality sheet metal parts.

   Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, precision handling of thin and thick steel (.500" maximum), stainless steel (.250" 

   maximum) and aluminum (.180" maximum). We produce quality sheet metal parts for the medical, lighting, computer,

   communications, food service and transportation industries. Please feel free to visit our Part Gallery for samples of our products.

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Laser Cutting

The Laser Cutting Department is responsible for cutting sheet metal, etching

and profiling parts to finished sizes. The laser system is computer driven with high precision according to specifications called for in the engineering design.

TRUMPF Model 2030 TruLaser: The TRUMPF TruLaser enables Arvite to cut nearly any shape, regardless of its complexity with increased cutting speed and improved cut quality. Its strength lies in its ability to quickly process the widest range of material types and thicknesses, distortion-free. This new automated laser system provides flexible cutting through thin and thick steel (.500" maximum), stainless steel (.250" maximum) and aluminum (.180" maximum) sheet material processing within a 5-by-10 foot work area. Additionally, it

utilizes an automated loading system which loads and unloads the sheet material allowing for shortened production times.