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   Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - MIETrak

Arvite Technologies, LLC uses MIETrak, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system, designed for the specific needs of the metal fabrication industry. MIETrak is an easy to use, unique production control and job tracking solution designed to increase our operating profits without increasing overhead. MIETrak integrates all aspects of the precision sheet metal fabrication business process to provide vital management information in a real time setting. MIETrak is implemented throughout our organization.

The powerful Quoting module starts the total process that includes order entry, purchasing, inventory control, scheduling, costing, shipping and invoicing. The Quoting feature will generate custom quotes in a fraction of the time required by manual methods. Work Orders are created automatically to control production, drive material requirements and scheduling. This allows for real-time monitoring of all aspects of the production process. You can review tracking and costing at any time during the production process. A powerful Work Order nesting module will accommodate multiple part nesting processes to properly associate material and machine costing.

MIETrak's "Shop Overview" screen presents a comprehensive view of all critical shop functions on one screen. With one click of the mouse, management can view real time data for work order tracking and status, sales order status, all open purchase orders, work center loads and time clock and employee collection. Bar coding further enhances our accurate capture of shop floor data.

The Scheduling module allows you to create forward, backward, infinite and finite schedules. MIETrak will also create "what if" scenarios to see what your production will look like before you begin the actual work. Detailed reports show load graphs that will determine potential bottleneck areas. White Boards, an optional module that includes Scanview, is an alterative scheduling method that provides for drag and drop of work orders to specific machines for current and future workdays. Scanview supports the real-time shop floor dynamic gained by using White Board. The Job Tracking module provides real-time tracking of labor and machine time.

MIETrak was designed for precision sheet metal fabricators like Arvite Technologies,, LLC to help increase our on-time delivery performance, create a more productive work environment and improve our customer relationships.