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   Arvite Technologies, LLC is a Total Quality Company made up of "people satisfying customers."

   Quality means providing both external and internal customers with our continuously improving services that fully satisfy their   

   requirements. Quality is not just a business strategy; it is our way of life.

   Inspection Equipment 
   All standard instruments necessary for complete control of precision sheet metal fabrications, including the Faro Platinum FaroArm 
   and the Laser QC
(R) Quality Inspection System, are used to assure quality manufacturing processes.

The Platinum FaroArm's high accuracy renders traditional CMMs, hand tools and
other portable inspection equipment obsolete. Anyone, anywhere can now inspect,
reverse engineer or perform CAD-to-Part analysis on parts, fixtures and assemblies
with previously unheard of precision. When you partner that accuracy with its adaptable

3-D measurement technology and customized zero-training SoftCheck Tools (with or without CAD), it is ideal for forming, fabricating and assembly needing basic 3-D measurements or advanced GD&T and SPC output.

  • + - .0005" Repeatability
  • 6 - Axis Availability
  • 6 - Degrees-of-Freedom Probe
  • Adaptable 3-D Measurement Technology
  • Space-Age Composite Construction

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Virtek's LaserQC(R) provides advanced, automated, quality high speed laser inspection.  Designed to pinpoint errors and improve efficiency the LaserQC(R) benefits include:

  • Accuracy to +/- 0.05mm (0.0023)

  • Ability to scan oversize parts with fast, simple merge feature

  • Compatibility with .dxf, .dwg and .igs CAD file formats

  • First article inspection at 500 data points per second

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)

  • Reverse Engineering

   Gauge Sheets